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Swimming pool & Landscape

A swimming pool is a serious financial investment. It is the ultimate backyard amenity whether you want it there for aesthetic purposes or you actually want to use it for having a good time. A pool is certainly the focus of the entire landscape. Pool landscape design featuring lights and specialty material is certainly a powerful influence on the beauty of the space. It is more than just planting bushes and a few flowers around the pool. You can plan and create a whole pool environment. Green Life landscaping is here to work on your swimmingpool design and construction. We create an environment for you that will be hard to leave.

Our construction team can handle your needs from simple lawn renovation to complete new landscape installation.

Do you have a part of your yard that is always shaded and the grass won’t grow? Or perhaps a section of your yard that is always wet. We install paver patios, slate patios, decking, etc.. Also a popular feature is walk ways. Compacted crushed gravel, slate, pavers, etc..

We can install and repair fencing. Both wood and chain link.

We offer a full line of installation and repair for low voltage lighting systems. Many customers choose to upgrade there lighting system after it becomes to much of a headache fixing those broken fixtures.

A fresh new look for your yard is always exciting. A new boulder terrace in that sloped part of your yard, fresh new sod after years of fighting the moss and weeds, new barkdust and annual flowers before that big summer party in your back yard.

Whatever your needs and wants are, let us take care of it for you. After over 30 years in business, we can handle any task.

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